SMEs and Innovation Ecosystem Management

SMEs and Innovation Ecosystem Management


Tuesday 21 May, 14.00 – 16.30

Online/SBS headquarters (Brussels)


Small Business Standards (SBS), in collaboration with ISO TC279/WG3 on innovation management tools and methods, organised two workshops and panel discussions to explain the standardisation work being carried out by this ISO Technical committee and have an exchange with SMEs and SME representatives to better understand their needs and ensure the development of relevant international standards for SMEs.

The ISO 56000 series of innovation management standards includes several standards such as ISO 56002 providing guidance on Innovation Management systems, ISO 56003 on Innovation partnerships or ISO 56005 on tools and methods for intellectual property management in the innovation process. A new standard, ISO 56008 on Innovation Operation Measurements will be published in May 2024 and the ISO 56001 Innovation Management System – Requirements is currently going through final vote. In addition, Working Group 3 is considering several new standards to satisfy market needs for which it is searching for input from selected stakeholders to validate the quality and relevance of the proposed new standards.


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