Discover our impact across standardisation in a wide range of industries, and how we disseminate crucial information, and shape European policies to support SMEs’ competitiveness and facilitate their digital and green transition.


SBS is active within different sectors crucial for SMEs and standardisation efforts. Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the importance of standards and disseminate relevant information on standardisation developments among SMEs operating within these sectors.

We also aim to advocate for the SME perspective within European policies and regulations related to standardisation, with a particular focus on the digital and green transition of SMEs in these sectors. By actively engaging with stakeholders, including SMEs, policymakers, and industry leaders, we ensure that standards align with the evolving needs and challenges faced by SMEs, thereby fostering innovation and competitiveness.


Our sectoral activities complement various initiatives within SBS, including expert-driven endeavours and contributions to horizontal European policies and regulations. Through seamless coordination and collaboration, we empower SMEs with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the standardisation process effectively, ultimately enhancing their growth and sustainability in today’s dynamic landscape.

Sectors covered

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