Navigate through our tools and resources which are designed to equip SMEs with in-depth knowledge on standards, how to participate effectively in the standardisation process, find relevant standards and ensure they meet SME needs


Learning Materials

Enhance your knowledge of standardisation with our suite of learning tools. Tailored to the needs of SMEs, these educational resources provide the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the standardisation process and learn about standards in a specific area.

SME Compatibility Test

SBS has developed a test for the assessment of the compatibility of standards with SME needs. Test a standard to see if it can be easily applied by smaller companies!

Monitoring Standards

The monitoring of standards is an essential tool for SMEs and their associations providing them with a centralised hub for information on relevant new standardisation developments.

SME Guides

The SME Guides and learning materials provide practical and easy-to-understand information on standards, standardisation and related topics.

Standardisation requests

SBS constantly monitors new and existing standardisation requests to ensure SME concerns and key aspects are included during the consultation process.

Useful External Resources

Discover the information and services that standards bodies offer SMEs to facilitate their access to standards and Standardisation.

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