SBS offers a comprehensive set of materials including brochures, guides, studies, position papers, videos, and annual reports, providing valuable knowledge and perspectives on standardisation and its impact on SMEs.



Position Papers

SBS aims at influencing EU policies to ensure the needs of SMEs are taken into consideration. SBS position papers offer insights and recommendations on key issues impacting SMEs and standardisation.

Press Releases

SBS regularly issues press releases featuring important announcements, news, and updates on standardisation and its impact on SMEs.


The SBS newsletter provides an overview of the latest and most important European SME-related standardisation news and announcements. To reach out to the largest possible audience, the content is provided in several languages.

SME Guides

The SME Guides and learning materials provide practical and easy-to-understand information on standards, standardisation and related topics.


Discover insightful studies that present in-depth analysis and research findings on standards, their impact on SMEs and SME priorities.


Browse our brochures to find out more about Small Business Standards, its work and for concise overviews on other relevant topics.

Annual Report

SBS’ annual reports provide a comprehensive summary of the association’s activities, achievements and impact over the past years, demonstrating its continuous commitment to SMEs.

Learning Materials

Enhance your knowledge of standardisation with our suite of learning tools. Tailored to the needs of SMEs, these educational resources provide the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the standardisation process and learn about standards in a specific area.

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