Focus Areas

Discover our main areas of action and initiatives, ranging from general standardisation policy, digitalisation or sustainability to sector-specific initiatives and projects.

Focus Areas

The main goal of SBS is to promote the effective representation of SMEs’ interests in the standardisation process to ensure standards fit SME needs and to bring the SME perspective to European policies and regulations related to standardisation.  To achieve these objectives, SBS is active in a wide range of areas. 

EU regulations, policies and strategies play a key role in shaping standardisation at the European level, and it is important to include the SME perspective and technical knowledge in their development. In this context, SBS contributes to ongoing discussions and produces position papers and replies to consultations on sector-specific and horizontal topics.

At a technical level, SBS participates in the development of European and international standards by nominating technical SME experts to sit in and contribute to the work of technical bodies of CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, ISO and IEC.

SBS also participates in several European projects to promote awareness and participation in standardisation in areas such as education on standards and the interplay between standardisation and the Research and Innovation (R&I) community, always with a particular focus on the needs of SMEs.


One of the most important activities of SBS is the representation of SMEs’ interest in the development of standards through the direct participation of SME experts in European and international technical committees.


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Position Papers

SBS aims at influencing EU policies to ensure the needs of SMEs are taken into consideration. SBS position papers offer insights and recommendations on key issues impacting SMEs and standardisation.


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