One of the most important activities of SBS is the representation of SMEs’ interest in the development of standards through the direct participation of SME experts in European and international technical committees.

Each year, SBS appoints between 65 and 70 experts to represent SME interests in European and international standardisation committees. Experts are appointed to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI committees at the European level, and ISO and IEC at the international one.

An open call is launched every year over the summer, usually in June, and published in the Latest News section of the SBS website. A webinar is also organised to present the content of the call and answer questions from potential applicants.

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Check out the Latest News  to find out all about SBS’ future open call for experts published every year over the summer!

As a result, SBS is present in several technical committees, subcommittees and working groups, hence shaping the content of standards in a large number of sectors crucial for SMEs. These sectors encompass a wide variety of economic activities, ranging from tourism to information and communication technologies, from textile and footwear to cosmetics or from pyrotechnics to machinery.

Some of these committees also develop harmonised standards in support of European legislation following a request from the European Commission. These harmonised standards can support SMEs to comply with EU legal requirements and in this way ensure the safety of their products and access to the European Single market.

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Take a look at the Sectors to find out who are the SBS experts bringing the SME perspective in the standardisation technical committees!

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