SBS Bimontly Newsletter, Issue 1 – 2014

SBS Bimontly Newsletter, Issue 1 – 2014

Finally! It is kick-off time! SBS President Gunilla Almgren opens this first SBS Newsletter issue and welcomes you to read its relevant and informative content.

The standardisation world is a challenging one for SMEs, but also a necessary tool for innovation, market access and interoperability. Indeed, SME entrepreneurs find it extremely difficult to participate in the development and use of standards. Not only do they very rarely get involved in the drafting of standards, but they also very often underestimate the benefits of standards for their businesses. This standardisation world therefore risks being mostly restricted to the big market players who have the financial, technical and human resources to follow and influence the standards-development process.

SBS wants to be the bearer of the Think Small First principle in standardisation, by representing SMEs in the decision making process and hence making standards better for SMEs. As from today, SBS will represent the arena where SMEs will develop their standardisation knowledge and where their needs will be taken into consideration and brought to the attention of the standard-writers and the decision-makers.

In this issue you will find:

  • Foreword by SBS President
  • Information about SBS: why SBS was necessary, the creation of SBS, what is SBS, SBS mission and objectives, SBS partnerships with the Standardisation Organisations and SBS relations with Societal Stakeholders
  • SBS Board Members and member organisations
  • Presentation of SBS experts
  • Events in the standardisation world
  • Information on E-learning tool for SMEs

Enjoy your reading and thank you for working with us for standards that Think Small First!



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