SBS Bimonthly Newsletter, Issue 4 – 2014

SBS Bimonthly Newsletter, Issue 4 – 2014

SBS organised its first European seminar on standardisation for SMEs in Brussels on 1st July. The event brought together major stakeholders from the standardisation world as well as associations representing SMEs in the process, at European and national levels.

In this issue you will find:

  • SBS holds its first European SME Seminar
  • SBS jointly organises French SME Seminar on standardisation
  • SBS holds its first expert training meeting
  • SBS as observer in Committee on Standards
  • Coordination meeting between ESOs and Annex III Stakeholders
  • SBS participates in CENELEC SME Working Group
  • SBS at the Standing Committee on Construction
  • SBS collaborates with German standards organisation
  • Technical news
  • CEN-CENELEC and national SME helpdesks



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