SBS Bimonthly Newsletter, Issue 3 – 2014

SBS Bimonthly Newsletter, Issue 3 – 2014

SBS Board Meeting was held in Brussels on 20th May. During this session, the SBS Board warmly welcomed a new member: Barbara Sorgato – ECAP. This important meeting also included the nomination of SBS’ accountant and the establishment of an internal Working Group on Policy. The Board strongly welcomed the concept of having groups to work on specific issues – sectorial and/or national. This is in line with the internal work in progress related to the 2015 Strategy preparation.

In this issue you will find:

  • SBS Welcomes New Board Member & Establishes Internal WG
  • Technical News
  • SBS Participates in CENELEC Technical Board
  • SBS Takes Part in CEN-CENELEC General Assembly
  • 3rd European Standardisation Summit Tackles the Silver Economy
  • European Seminar ‘Better Services: How Can European Standards Help?’
  • Construction Standardisation Discussed at UEAPME Construction Forum
  • EFESME Strategy Meeting – SBS Overview
  • SBS Participates in Standing Committee on Construction



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