SBS stressed that the landmark ruling delivered yesterday by the European Court of Justice on the case “C-588/21 P - Public.Resource.Org and Right to Know v Commission and Others”, addressing the free access to harmoni

2024 is set to be a pivotal year for European standardisation.

On Tuesday 27 February, LEVA-EU in collaboration with SBS is presenting an exclusive workshop on standardisation for light, electric vehicles, including EPACs, E-Cargocycles, E-Scooters, etc. This event promises a deep

Following the recommendations published on 11 January on how to ensure SMEs' interest and growth in international standardisation, SBS today published a paper with a similar aim for the national level.

Today, SBS published its position paper outlining "Recommendations to boost SMEs’ role in international standardisation".

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SBS successfully wrapped up the first edition of Meeting Standards.

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Today, SBS launched the first edition of Meeting Standards, a campaign that aims to raise awareness among European SMEs and SME organisations about the importance of standardisation and getting involved in the standards writing process.