STAND4EU, a Horizon Europe project, aims to strengthen the connections between research, innovation, and standardisation. It will map key stakeholders involved in standardisation at national, regional, and international levels, identifying obstacles in four technological domains: Additive Manufacturing, Welding, Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0/Digitalization/Artificial Intelligence, and Circular Economy. The project will pinpoint bottlenecks in the standards development lifecycle and develop a plan with recommendations to streamline the process. A STAND4EU interface will be created to share information and best practices, acting as a one-stop shop for stakeholders. Proposed solutions will be validated with relevant actors to ensure sustainable application and global exploitation of the interface.

SBS will contribute to the project by leveraging its network to identify obstacles and validate recommendations for better engagement of SMEs, industry and researchers in the standardisation process.


Project Website :
Duration : September 2022 - August 2024
Coordinator : European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting –(EWF)

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