BlockStand, a project funded under the Digital Europe programme, aims at enhancing European expert participation in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) standardisation. It aims to create an online blockchain community for continuous collaboration and idea exchange, supporting the European Commission’s Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation on blockchain. BlockStand also aims at strengthening ties with the European Blockchain Partnership and the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure and funds European experts’ contributions to international and European Standards Developing Organisations. Through these objectives, BlockStand promotes European leadership in global blockchain standards, ensuring they reflect European values and needs, thus bolstering Europe’s strategic autonomy.

SBS contributes to the project by analysing stakeholder needs with a focus on SMEs and mapping activities. SBS will create a questionnaire, organize workshops, and promote expert contributions and blockchain standardisation through events and dissemination activities.


Project Website :
Duration : May 2023 - April 2025
Coordinator : European Digital SME Alliance (DIGITAL SME)

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