Standardisation for Smart Textiles

SBS Webinar Standardisation for Smart Textiles 21 November 2022, 09:30 – 11:00 (Online) An increasing number of smart textiles products are gradually entering the market. Smart Textiles are defined as textiles “that interact with their surroundings and able to able to react and adapt to an environment stimulus, whether it is electrical, thermal, chemical, or magnetic.” For […]

SBS Forum 2022 on PPE and Textile Care – From dual use to multi use

SBS Forum 2022 on PPE and Textile Care standardisation in the PPE sector – From dual use to multi-use 19 October, 10:00 – 13:00 (online) The European Commission’s vision for leadership in digital transformation and green transition (twin transition) is reflected its legal proposals either as new legislation proposals or revision of existing legislations, such […]

SBS PPE Forum 2020 on PPE and Textile Care

SBS Forum on PPE and Textile Care 2020  Strengthen the PPE sector and circular economy – A path to safe and responsible Europe The recent COVID-19 crisis has exposed the limited capacity of Europe’s safety equipment manufacturers. Although demand for PPE products surged to unprecedented level that global capacity was not prepared for, Europe’s dependency on […]

SBS Forum on PPE and Textile Care standardisation

SBS Forum on PPE and Textile Care standardisation November 7th, 2018 SME Safety – 123, Rue du Commerce – 1000, Brussels The Forum is a means to discuss the coordination of standardisation activities at CEN, ISO and EU level so to identify SME standardisation needs in the domain of PPE and Textile Care. The Forum […]

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