Standardisation for Smart Textiles

Standardisation for Smart Textiles

SBS Webinar
Standardisation for Smart Textiles

21 November 2022, 09:30 – 11:00 (Online)

An increasing number of smart textiles products are gradually entering the market. Smart Textiles are defined as textiles “that interact with their surroundings and able to able to react and adapt to an environment stimulus, whether it is electrical, thermal, chemical, or magnetic.”

For example, technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is included by manufacturers to enable efficient tracing and tracking of textiles. Electronic chips in a firefighter’s outfit can regulate temperature and provide extended measures of protection. A chip in protective masks can alert the wearer of its expiration to prevent extended use with no protection.

Application of smart textiles varies. Therefore, standards are important to provide customers with safe and reliable products and ensure that SMEs are able to use the technology and scale up their operations.

The overall aim of this webinar, targetting PPE SMEs and Standardisation experts, was to raise awareness about the benefits and Standardisation developments at the European level related to smart textiles.


Programme and recording of the conference


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