Twinning seminar

20-11-2018 10:00 to 15:15

Twinning seminar 

20 November 2018
Graz (Austria)


Small Business Standards has the pleasure to announce its twinning seminar organised with the support of the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (WKÖ), the Austrian Standards International - Standardization and Innovation (ASI) and the Slovenian Institute for Standardization (SIST).

The twinning exercise will allow ASI and SIST to share and identify good practices in reaching out and invoving SMEs in standardisation. 


For further information, write to d.rabetge [at] ">d.rabetge [at]


The conference will be held in German, and interpreted into English.

Please note that this event may be video recorded. By attending this event you may be visible in photos or in the video of the event which will be made available on our website, social media, newsletter and/or printed publications.