6 June – National seminar in Cologne

6 June – National seminar in Cologne

National seminar in Cologne

Review of CEN TC 53 and Erasmus Plus, European training standards

6 June 2018

 Cologne (Germany)


Small Business Standards and UEG, the Union of European Scaffolding Contractors, are pleased to invite you to attend a seminar on standardisation on 6 June in Cologne.

The first part of the day will be devoted to the Review of Standards in the Range of CEN TC 53. Numerous standards in the range of CEN TC 53 might pass systematic review. If and when a preliminary work item is set on its way, the duration of the process is limited to a six months’ time plus a potential prolongation of further three months. The objective of this panel discussion will analyse whether such a review is necessary in order to prevent long and extensive discussions about this issue in the Working Committee CEN TC 53.

The second part of the programme will discuss the exchange of “Erasmus Plus” trainees and the training standards in Europe. In the academic world, Erasmus is well-known and its exchange of students all around Europe is well recognised. Erasmus Plus, a programme which provides training opportunities in the craft area, is not yet as well-known. The objective of this part will therefore be to discuss how the programme can be further promoted in the scaffolding sector and in the future, how this might help to adopt a common European training level.

The working language is German. Interpretation will be provided in English.
Please note that this event may be video recorded. By attending this event you may be visible in photos or in the video of the event which will be made available on our website, social media, newsletter and/or printed publications.

Programme and recording of the conference


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