27 November – Workshop on “The standardisation system for SMEs”

27 November – Workshop on “The standardisation system for SMEs”

SBS Train the Trainer 

Workshop “The standardisation system for SMEs”

27 November 2017

UNI – Via Sannio 2, Milan

SMEs (Small and medium sized enterprises) and in particular craft and micro enterprises represent in today’s Italy and Europe (more than 6 million of enterprises), 95% are small and micro, representing about 60-70% of the current employment) and play a significant productive and social role, representing a fundamental component of the entire productive system facing unprecedented challenges.

Consequently, it is of utmost importance to highlight the role of SMEs in deploying any sustainable standardisation policy at European level. The adoption of technical standards within the business environment is a coherent result of a constant and gradual commitment based on qualified business support information and technical services, in a simplified procedure system.

If in the future, SMEs in general, cannot not play an active role in the standardisation process, in the definition of quality certification procedures, they will have to be forced to be compliant to standards written by other specific interest groups representatives. In other terms, SMEs must adapt to new standards frameworks, designed and functional to larger business interests, which do not represent the majority of our European business productive system.

Through the “Train the trainer program” SBS can contribute to increase SMEs participation in the standardisation process, providing training on standards, how to write standards, which are the rules and participation mechanisms, etc. with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of a direct involvement in standardisation process.

During the workshop it will be possible to deepen direct SMEs experiences in standardisation in some important sectors for SMEs such as Building and Constructions, Electrical installations, ICT and Ergonomics.

Please note that the language of the event is italian.

Draft programme - training on digitisation - 17.11.2017

Programme and recording of the conference


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