The latest SBS Newsletter is out!

The latest SBS Newsletter is out!

SBS’ 10th anniversary year ends with a successful “Meeting Standards” campaign wrap-up

2023 marks a significant milestone for SBS: in October 2023, SBS hit its 10th anniversary. This anniversary is not only a cause for celebration but also a time to reflect on what the organisation has accomplished since its creation in 2013. If anything, it challenges us to envision an even greater outlook, an even greater dream. In this respect, Meeting Standards can be seen as a successful wrap-up of the work team’s efforts which has been carried out throughout the years by the experts, members and partners of the SBS network.

Launched this year in spring, the campaign aims to rally SME representatives and standardisation stakeholders across Europe around SME standardisation topics and activities. By visiting, any individual or organisation could submit a proposal for an activity aimed at raising the awareness of SMEs in Europe within the campaign’s period which this year took place between 14 and 21 November 2023. Coinciding with the European SME week, this campaign significantly contributed to enhancing SME awareness about the crucial role of standards in Europe.




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