Standardisation workshop dedicated to the light, electric vehicles on 27/02

On Tuesday 27 February, LEVA-EU in collaboration with SBS is presenting an exclusive workshop on standardisation for light, electric vehicles, including EPACs, E-Cargocycles, E-Scooters, etc. This event promises a deep dive into the realm of standardisation, offering invaluable information. The event will take place online from 13.00 to 17.00H. Participation in the workshop is free for LEVA-EU and for […]

Commission interpretation on placing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category III products on the market burdens SMEs

May 23, 2023

Brussels, 23 May 2023 – Small Business Standards (SBS) today published a position paper highlighting the obstacles that emerge from the European Commission’s interpretation disclosed on 2 May 2022 regarding conformity assessment procedures for new PPE category III products. According to SBS, the new reading hinders European SMEs from placing this type of equipment onto the market.

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