STAND4EU survey: Bridging the gap between research, innovation and standardisation!

STAND4EU survey: Bridging the gap between research, innovation and standardisation!

The Horizon Europe project STAND4EU, in which SBS is involved, has just launched the first phase, consisting in a mapping of standardisation bottlenecks in research and industrial innovation.

The project is now gathering testimonials from experts representing diverse stakeholders categories spread all over the globe. Successively, the results of the survey will be used to develop recommendations and remedies with the aim of improving the European standards-making process in the field of R&I.

The standards-setting culture and formal rules are sometimes at odds with the culture and practice of research. Based on previous research the lack of openness and transparency, and a suboptimal interaction with academic research are issues that could explain a lack of success in a European setting.
It is important to recognize that standardisation plays an important role in research and innovation investment programs, as it helps pave the way for the widespread deployment of new and strategic technologies to boost European industry’s competitiveness and resilience.

Your feedback is important: if you are an SME or another type of organisation involved in research projects and/or working in R&I, please help us by completing this online survey.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement noº 101070229.

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