STAND4EU kick-off meeting

STAND4EU kick-off meeting

On 12 September, the STAND4EU project partners gathered in Brussels at SBS headquarters for the kick-off meeting. The project aims at strengthening the links between research, innovation and standardisation ensuring that standardisation is an integral part of the European research and innovation landscape.

This two-year project brings together a total of six partners from four countries – Germany, Belgium, Sweden and United Kingdom. STAND4EU can count on a solid multisectoral partnership: each of the partners is actively engaged with standardisation entities at different levels (national, European and international) and are deeply involved in standardisation activities, including the standards setting process.

During the kick-off meeting the consortium discussed the action plan to integrate standardisation as a salient part of the European research and innovation landscape in 4 main areas: Additive Manufacturing, Welding, Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0/Digitisation/AI, and Circular Economy.

The first phase of the project will consist in a comprehensive mapping and identification of key stakeholders and actors involved in standardisation activities at national, regional (EU) and international level within the scope of the 4 main technological domains to allow a proper identification of the obstacles hampering the standardisation efforts. This map will be a useful source of information to derive the recommendations, as the comparison will allow to assess the accelerators, but also the causes for retardation in the standardisation developments.

The project website will be released in the coming weeks.

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