Small Business Standards welcomes new member Coiffure EU

Small Business Standards welcomes new member Coiffure EU

Following the vote of the members of the General Assembly on 23 June 2020, Coiffure EU has become an official member of Small Business Standards (SBS).

Coiffure EU ivzw, founded in 2005 in Frankfurt (Germany), joins together, protects and supports the hairdressing sector at the European level.

Coiffure EU President Mr Jef Vermeulen said: “Thanks to SBS, Coiffure EU is able to improve the standard for hairdressing gloves, so that everyone who works in our sector can continue performing their profession for a long time, and in good health. As such, we are extremely delighted and motivated to contribute to this objective.”

SBS President Gunilla Almgren commented: “ We are glad to welcome Coiffure EU on board. The main objective of SBS is to give SMEs in Europe a strong voice in standardisation to ensure that their needs and interests are understood and properly considered. We are looking forward to a fruitful and long-term cooperation with Coiffure EU to achieve this objective.”


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