European Parliament backs enhanced SME participation in standardisation

European Parliament backs enhanced SME participation in standardisation

Brussels, 4 July 2017 – Today, the European Parliament adopted IMCO’s report on European Standards which reiterates the key principles introduced in Regulation 1025/2012 for an efficient European standardisation system. The report, presented by rapporteur Marlene Mizzi as a response to the European Commission standardisation package of 1 June 2016, calls for an open, transparent and inclusive standardisation system, more support towards Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and proposes the establishment of an Annual standardisation Forum.

Small Business Standards (SBS), the European association representing SMEs in standardisation, takes note of the content of the report of the Parliament adopted today. It agrees with the European Parliament that there has been progress as regards the involvement of SMEs and societal stakeholders in the standardisation process at European level since the adoption of Regulation 1025/2012 but that there is scope for improvement. SBS especially welcomes the call on the European Commission to ensure the removal of the existing obstacles to the effective involvement of SMEs in standardisation.

The number of standards developed at international level is on the rise which can prove challenging for smaller companies. This implies that decisions are taken at international level but affect all businesses, some of which operating solely at local level. Therefore, SBS fully supports the proposal of the European Parliament for European standardisation Organisations to endorse the standards adopted at international level after an internal approval process involving the representation of SMEs and other relevant stakeholders.

The proposal to establish an Annual standardisation Forum is particularly SBS welcomed by SBS. A platform bringing together all the players active in standardisation is a prerequisite for a modernised standardisation process. SBS recommends that the Forum, as one of its first steps, looks into ways to better include SMEs in standardisation processes at national level.

SBS Director Christel Davidson said: “SBS regrets that the ambitious draft report presented by Ms. Mizzi earlier this year was watered down. However, it is important to look forward and SBS counts on all the actors of the standardisation community to work together to ensure that the recommendations put forward in the report are implemented so as to improve the European standardisation System.”


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