The creation of a High-Level Forum: The prospect of a more inclusive standardisation system

The creation of a High-Level Forum: The prospect of a more inclusive standardisation system

Creation of a High-Level Forum: The prospect of a more inclusive standardisation system 

Brussels, 20 September – Last Friday, the European Commission published a decision setting up a High-Level Forum on European standardisation. The creation of the Forum was anticipated in the standardisation Strategy produced by the Commission in February. While certain aspects will have to be further clarified in the next weeks, SBS welcomes this decisive step towards the full implementation of the strategy and the content of this initial decision.

The High-Level Forum on European standardisation will be considered an as Expert Group under the control of DG GROW and will be tasked with advising the European Commission on all standardisation-related matters, improving coordination among all actors, and identifying and implementing standardisation priorities. It will be composed of up to 60 members and its initial mandate will run until the end of 2025, subject to renewal. The selection process for representatives of private entities will be carried out via a call for applications to be published in the coming weeks.

SBS welcomes the creation of the Forum as a way to improve inclusiveness and transparency in the identification and implementation of standardisation priorities. SBS also supports the provision included in the decision which allows the restriction to participation exclusively of EU-based economic actors for critical and sensitive policy areas.

SBS currently suspends its judgment regarding the creation of sub-groups, particularly the so-called “Sherpa sub-group” which is described in the decision as “the main operational body of the Forum” where ”all the technical preparatory work is undertaken for endorsement by the Forum”. While SBS is not opposed to the creation of bodies that can help streamline the work of the Forum, it will only express its views on the criteria for participation by Forum members in the Sherpa sub-group and in the other sub-groups, once these will be known.

Commenting on the Commission’s decision, SBS Secretary General Maitane Olabarria said: “The creation of the High-Level Forum on standardisation is an important step towards more inclusiveness and transparency both in setting European standardisation priorities and in developing and implementing standardisation work. SBS is looking forward to the publication of the call for applications to submit its candidacy to participate in the Forum”.


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