Position Paper on the Revision of the Textile Labelling Regulation

Position Paper on the Revision of the Textile Labelling Regulation

Revision of the Textile Labelling Regulation

Key points

SBS recommends changes to:
• Wording and definitions;
• Structure and organisation of the label;
• Revision of the annexes;
• Fibre specifications;
• Textile specifications, standards and certifications.


In March 2022 the European Commission presented an EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. The strategy is part of the 2020 circular economy action plan and includes in particular actions under the new regulation on eco-design requirements for sustainable products and the new directive empowering consumers for the green transition directive. In this context, it has been decided to revise the textile labelling regulation.

The Commission launched a consultation to revise the textile labelling regulation to introduce specifications for the physical and digital labelling of textiles, including sustainability and circularity parameters based on requirements under the proposed regulation on eco-design for sustainable products.

SBS welcomes this initiative, both in its intentions and in its timing. The textile labelling regulation must find its rightful place in a complex and changing legislative environment. It must be integrated with other projects such as the digital product passport and other existing regulations (e.g. PPE Regulation).

In this paper, SBS proposes a variety of solutions for the constructive update of this regulation.

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