SBS Bimonthly Newsletter, Issue 2 - 2014

On 28th March, SBS held its second General Assembly in Brussels. New members were approved and more experts were appointed, hence reaching the annual goal of representation in the Standardisation Technical Committees. Furthermore, SBS members approved the nomination of two internal auditors, hence adding an internal layer to the external audit already requested by the European Commission.

In this issue you will find:

  • Information on decision taken during SBS Board and General Assembly
  • Activities of SBS experts
  • SME friendly standards for SME innovation to market
  • Standardisation Stakeholders: 1st coordination meeting
  • Independent review of EU Standardisation System
  • SME Helpdesk: Maximising SME support
  • SME Working Group reviews SME focused activities
  • CEN BT: First CEN Technical Board for SBS
  • Regulation 1025/2012: first year assessment
  • SBS meets with American standards organisation
  • Better regulation for better standards
  • CEN Construction network