New CEN-CENELEC Toolbox for a more inclusive European standardisation system

New CEN-CENELEC Toolbox for a more inclusive European standardisation system

Brussels, 24th January 2014 – In reaction to yesterday’s presentation of the CEN- CENELEC Toolbox for Societal Stakeholders, Small Business Standards (SBS) – the newly-established association representing SMEs in the European standardisation system – welcomes this strategy of openness and involvement and pledges its contribution to it.

SBS President Gunilla ALMGREN said: “We can feel that something is changing! The recognition from the European standardisation system to societal stakeholders and SMEs is a first step towards the implementation of the basic principles introduced by the Standardisation Regulation 1025.”

“This is a step in the right direction for improved governance and cooperation, offered by CEN-CENELEC since the launch of the SME Toolbox in 2012 and we are happy to be following the same path with this new online Toolbox for Societal Stakeholders. This is a positive development regarding how SMEs – alongside ECOS, ANEC and ETUI (the three European societal stakeholders) – participate in the standardisation system,” she continued.

She concluded by saying: “In our continued efforts aimed at reinforcing our sound cooperation with ECOS, ANEC and ETUI, we – as SBS – pledge our contribution in using positive examples from the Societal Toolbox to apply them to the SME Toolbox. Sharing best practices of both toolboxes is crucial to fulfilling the joint goals of better involvement, transparency and governance of the European Standardisation System. The European Standardisation System should be shaped in order to address economic growth questions and sustainable development in the future.”



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