Macedonian business informed about European standardisation

Macedonian business informed about European standardisation

The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research in Skopje, Macedonia, organised in December an online conference dedicated to the single market.
The aim of the conference was to raise awareness on single market aspects so that the Macedonian institutions, businesses and organisations learn more from their Member States peers, considering that Macedonia as candidate country aspire to be part of the EU single market.

Macedonia has made significant progress in adopting European standards. However, most of the standards are adopted by the endorsement method, i.e. issuing an “endorsement notice”, which makes it difficult for SMEs to find the relevant standards, understand their content and apply them correctly in order to place products on the European market.

Luc Hendrickx, Enterprise Director of SMEunited, one of the founding members of SBS, was requested to speak on the “Importance of standardisation for Macedonian SMEs for accessing the Single Market”. After a presentation of the European standardisation system, he explained how standardisation can contribute to the removal of technical barriers to trade and increase market access and international trade, and enhances cooperation at the international level. Implementing European standards help eliminate technical barriers to trade and will help Macedonian SMEs to access the Single Market as a result of increased competitiveness and efficiency. He informed the audience on where to find the right standard and concluded with a presentation of the mission and the work done by SBS.

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