SBS ICT Forum 2021 – Empowering SMEs to lead ICT Standardisation for the Twin Transition

SBS ICT Forum 2021 – Empowering SMEs to lead ICT Standardisation for the Twin Transition

SBS ICT Forum 2021

Empowering SMEs to lead ICT Standardisation for the Twin Transition

29 September 2021 – 10.00AM


The European Commission puts a great emphasis on the so-called twin transition as the way forward for Europe’s economy. By linking the digital transformation and the green transition, Europe shall empower traditional sectors and strengthen its position on the global market. Today’s enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Internet of Things will help other sectors to predict areas of environmental impact, trace products and raw material in a transparent and accurate way, achieve energy savings, and redesign the whole supply chain for circular processes and business models.

One key aspect of the twin transition that demonstrates the relationship between the digital transformation and green transition is circular economy, as demonstrated by the European Commission’s Action Plan for the circular economy. The close connection between circular economy and digital transformation is highlighted by both the “Report of the Study Group Circular Economy” prepared by the Multi-stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardisation and the Circular Economy section of the Rolling Plan on ICT Standardisation 2021 that states: “As the term “twin transition” implies, achieving the objectives of a circular economy will go hand-in-hand with the further progressing of the digital transformation”.

SMEs in different sectors need to build up expertise, capabilities and partnerships to reap the benefits of sustainable digital transformation. In many sectors, SMEs can use enabling technologies to redesign their processes and become green(er). For that, Europe needs to build on ecosystems and partnerships to manage the twin transition. Partnerships and exchanges between the digital and traditionally non-digital sectors are crucial to ensure Europe’s success and sovereignty in the future. ICT standards for the support of twin transitions play an important role in building such ecosystems and create synergies for collaboration among different sectors to reach sustainability goals.

The event will concentrate on ongoing efforts related to standards for the twin transition and their compatibility with SMEs’ needs. In other words, what standards are missing, and in which areas does the EU need to focus to support the twin transition? Are standards, deployment as identified by the Report of the Study Group Circular Economy, available, enough, and ready for deployment? What are the underlying challenges for SMEs to adopt standardisation, and is there a room for SMEs to be active participants in defining such standards? How can the EU support these efforts?

Contact person: Omar Dhaher


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