Meeting Standards

Meeting Standards

SBS will organise the first edition of Meeting Standards from 14 to 21 November 2023.

Meeting Standards is a campaign to raise awareness among SMEs and SME organisations about the importance of standardisation and getting involved in the standards writing process. Moreover, the aim is to inform SMEs about the latest developments in standardis

ation that may be of relevance to them.

The campaign will consist of various types of activities run by different organisations (standards bodies, SME associations, etc.) across Europe. Partner activities may take various forms and include workshops, seminars, open-door days, and competitions but also podcasts, publications and social media activities.

Do you think that SMEs should be more aware of the benefits of standards and participate in their shaping? Then join the campaign and become a partner! We count on your imagination to propose an engaging activity which will benefit the SMEs in Europe.

Check out the campaign’s website to submit your proposal.

Any questions? Write to meetingstandards @


Programme and recording of the conference


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