Call for experts to review the “European e-Competence framework (e-CF)” standard

Call for experts to review the “European e-Competence framework (e-CF)” standard

A new call for experts was launched by CEN for the recently started project aiming to review the ‘European e-Competence framework (e-CF)’ standard (EN 16234-1:2016).

CEN is looking for a project leader and 5 experts with extensive work experience in large ICT user enterprises/ IT professional development/ implementation and maintenance in particular and other frameworks on national and/ or local levels from ICT supply perspective.

The applicants shall comply with the requirements of the Terms of Reference (Annex I- pages 26-25 ) and submit their application using the form indicated in Annex II.
Applications should be submitted to Veronica Salsano (e-mail: no later than 10 August 2017. I would be glad to offer any additional information, if needed.

I would like to recall that, in addition to joining the Project Team, an expert can gain significant influence on the technical outcome of the project by being accredited by his or her National standardisation body to participate in the CEN/TC 428 works.

The overall coordination of the project will be performed by UNINFO, the Associated Body of the Italian organisation for standardisation (UNI) is responsible in Italy for Information Technology Standards and related applications.
UNINFO, as monopolistic subcontractor of UNI (listed in the FPA 2014) will sign contracts with the project leader and the team experts and will take care of the procedural work and will administrate the technical process.


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