SBS responding to the applicability of the Radio Equipment Directive

SBS published its position paper responding to the applicability of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) which establishes a regulatory framework for placing radio equipment on the EU market. Due to the digitalisation, this directive has gained importance as RED covers devices that use the radio spectrum for communication and/or radio determination purposes. 
The European Commission is currently researching  the degree of applicability and issues of liability related to the RED through open consultations and impact assessments. These investigations could lead to changes in the Directive, which have the potential of creating stronger horizontal market. It would empower SMEs and start-ups to innovate their software by guaranteeing hardware openness and avoiding lock-ins, and would allow them to lower hardware costs, operating and switching costs, etc.
The position paper, developed with the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, provides proposals on the implementation of concrete measures that, if adopted and well implemented, would contribute to the effective ability of SMEs to bring innovation to the radio equipment market.