SBS Secretary General and Standardisation Officers explain how SBS and the work of its experts help SMEs contribute to the SDGs. Watch the videos

Watch the video produced for World Standards Day on 14 October 2020.

If you are an ICT entrepreneur or an ICT professional and you have never heard of the European e-competence framework (eCF), then this section is for you!

The eCF provides a "common language" for ICT professionals and entrepreneurs and HR specialists. For example, it helps ICT entrepreneurs to match ICT skills and competences with recruitment needs and eases the assessment of upskilling and training needs in the company.

Learn the eCF language in three short lessons :

SBS Director Christel Davidson presenting the work of Small Business Standards in the April edition of CEN-CENELEC's 10-10 Webinar. Watch the webinar!


SBS produced a webinar on the ISO-IEC Guide 17, a guide which presents a list of recommendations and measures for writing standards taking into account the needs of the SMEs

Watch the video!

By CEN-CENELEC on the occasion of the International Women's Day