Position Papers

This SBS position paper refers to the possibility to reduce the financial burden of obtaining a CE marking for construction micro-enterprises through ‘simplified procedures’ defined by article 37 of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.

The document identifies some of the issues that currently prevent the implementation of such ‘simplified procedures’ and proposes an operational scheme to CE mark those construction products whose essential characteristics can be assessed through the use of computing software.  


During the 1st Joint Coordination meeting on 8th July 2014, it was agreed that the European Commission would launch a “Written Procedure” on the Guidance Note on European Standardisation 2015”. This procedure would ask for a Joint contribution by the 4 Annex III organisations. . This document is presented to European Commission as a contribution to re- drafting the relevant paragraphs of page 3 of the Guidance Note.

1) Balanced and effective participation

a. Specific Status of Annex III organisations

The Annex III stakeholders’ organisations should be allocated a specific membership or partnership category while working with ESOs, given the role that the Regulation has attributed to them. Whatever the name or label of this specific status, it is necessary to establish a clear and substantial distinction in rights between Annex III organisations and other pan-European Organisations in the standard making system.