SBS reply to Commission consultation on the on the New Legislative Framework (NLF)

Overall, the NLF is fit for purpose and has played a central role in achieving the Single Market and in the provision of a flexible framework allowing to cope with technological developments. SBS supports the main principles of the NLF: the definition of mandatory essential health and safety requirements in legislation supported by harmonised standards defining the technical details to meet those requirements and providing a presumption of conformity when cited in the EU Official Journal (OJEU). European standards are an essential element of the NLF. In recent years, major issues have emerged linked to the assessments of harmonised standards and their referencing in the OJEU leading to a slowdown in the process. The timely citation of harmonised standards is essential for SMEs to be able to keep their competitiveness and access the internal market. It is therefore essential that the existing blocking factors are addressed to ensure the timely delivery and citation of harmonised standards.