Harmonised standards to facilitate the access to and availability of “instructions and special tools” at lift installations

23-11-2022 10:30 to 13:00

SBS Lift Forum 2022

Harmonised standards to facilitate the access to and availability of “instructions and special tools” at all lift installations

23 November 2022 - 10.30H (hybrid event)


The 2022 edition of the SBS Lift Forum, an event that every year brings together experts, stakeholders and SMEs in the lift sector, revolved around special tools, instructions for use, and their necessary and constant availability "in time and space" at the installation site.

The need to make special tools and user instructions available at installation sites is a topic of crucial importance for the daily work of European lift maintenance SMEs - the slice of the market in which lift SMEs are most strongly present.

Harmonised standards for the lift sector should contribute to ensure equal conditions of competition among economic operators dealing with lifts, in particular SMEs. The inclusion of health and detailed and verifiable safety specifications to for tools and instructions is expected to be hopefully provided already in the next versions of the ISO 8100 harmonised standards. This would ease the conformity of lifts to the objectives of the Lift Directive and support market surveillance activities to be better tailored to the harmonised standards, and thus be more effective. Such a situation would be optimal for European lift SMEs.

The participants discussed the best ways to include appropriate specifications for tools and instructions within the text of the harmonised standards on lift safety.  The forum will provide a diverse set of perspectives by bringing together representatives of the European Commission, standardisation bodies (CEN), notified bodies, and SMEs themselves.



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